Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The GIF that made me lose my mind

Holy Lord. In doing research as I'm re-watching Sons of Anarchy (hot damn, I love my job), I came across the mother of all gifs that made me think of all the intense scenes between Ranger, Colt, and Harley. I literally think I was staring at this gem for an hour. Okay maybe two. Can we just...

Wait. What was I saying?

Anyway...so I mentioned I'm continuing Ranger's story in Jawa's Angels MC the spinoff to Inferno Glory MC (I keep losing my train of thought...*fucking focus!*). Ranger is far more of a complex character than I first envisioned and the book will probably end up being a little bit longer than I planned. Writing from his POV in alternating chapters has been a total riot and I never want it to end. I know he has some pretty die-hard fans out there that will feel the same.

I recently opened up my street team to ALL fans, so if you want to join in for more Colt & Ranger love, send a request to join us on Facebook. My darlin's (yes I realize there are issues with the ' when I'm not using the 'g' and it's possessive, but it just looks funny so get over it) are a fun bunch and I randomly like to give shit away because they're so awesome.

I'm now offering autographed paperback copies of the entire Inferno Glory MC series on my website. Be sure to order your copy soon as the first shipment is schedule to arrive near the end of the month and I'm not sure how soon I'll be getting more.

Okay that's it for now...at least I think. My mind is a befuddled mess all because of a hug. Gotta run, Ranger is waiting. XOXO

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