Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So Much Awesomeness Headed Your Way

Well I obviously suck at blogging and no one probably ever sees these posts anyway, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

I've been fucking busy.

The entire Inferno Glory MC series is now available on Kindle and will be coming out very soon on paperback. The ebooks won't be on Kindle Unlimited much longer, so read those bitches while you can. Autographed paperback copies will be available on my website in the very new future. Enter the Goodreads giveaway to win a free copy.

Book 3 in the Fifty Kinds of Dead series was recently released and is available exclusively on Amazon for the time being. The series is slower going due to a change in editors, but I promise you it will all be released in the next couple of months. Sorry for the delay. I've been doing stuff.

Inferno Glory MC merchandise is in the works. If you want updates on when it will be available, sign up for my newsletter. I won't annoy you with constant emails, but I'll keep you updated on other cool shit and send you exclusive material not available elsewhere.

The first book in Jawa's Angels (Inferno Glory MC spinoff) is coming real soon and I recently revealed the first cover. Love it, touch it, make it your pet, whatever floats your boat. Add on Goodreads and tell your friends because you won't want to miss more of Harley and crew's stories. Oh, and you'll hear finally hear Ranger's POV in Beauty & Balls, so have an extra set of panties (I hate that damn word) underwear ready.

Brooklyn Rockstar, a full length steamy romance about a famous rocker and a clueless farmer's daughter, is also in the works, but I have no fucking clue when it will be ready. Like I said, this has been an insane summer and I'm just hoping things slow down or I'll be hibernating by first snowfall. If you're a blogger a) I love you and b) you can help me share the cover reveal on October 1st by filling out this form.

I hope that covers everything. I'm off to write on less than four hours of sleep. Send Redbull.

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