Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Welcome to my strange addictions

Yeah, I might have a problem. I keep running across these AMAZING gifs from Sons when I should be working and my god can someone please give this man an Emmy for delivering the most believable/spankable sex scene?? I'm trying to figure out who he's with, although I probably really don't want to know. The romantic in me gets so pissed every time he steps out on Tara that it makes me physically ill. And I'm incredibly annoyed that someone had the audacity to black out Charlie's beautiful ass. We're all adults here (if you aren't you really shouldn't be reading this blog).

Speaking of addictions (I have an OCD/ADD personality so I tend to have a shit-ton of them), I came across the song for the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer and CANNOT. STOP. LISTENING. It's so deliciously twisted that it makes me want to write something sick. (Take a listen below). I've written some dark paranormal under another pen name and started an adult thriller a few months back. If I ever get through the last Fifty Kinds of Dead and Jawa's Angels (Ranger is taking his sweet time in the spotlight), maybe I'll have to revive the thriller. I have so many projects on the back burner it isn't funny. Okay, maybe a little because if I think about it seriously I'll start to wonder if I'm truly bat-shit crazy.

Being hooked on these kinds of things isn't all that bad, right? At least I keep telling my husband that. It could be so much worse - I could be addicted to crack or have serious mental health issues like these people from My Strange Addiction.

If you need me, I'll be perusing Instagram and Pinterest to feed my ten million other addictions.

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